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Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Think of the breast as an orange in a sock!  During pregnancy, the orange turns into  grapefruit and stretches the sock.  Once breast feeding has finished, and the breast has returned to being an orange, some socks stay stretched out of shape.

A common effect of pregnancy is to produce a slacker breast that feels empty, of ten with the nipple lying in a lower position that it did before having a baby.  Providing that not too much stretching of the skin has occurred, an implant can often improve the situation dramatically by restoring volume to the breast.

However, if the nipple lies a long way beneath the crease in the breast, a tightening procedure (called a mastopexy) will be required in addition to re-filling the breast with an implant.  As a very ROUGH guide. if your nipple sits more than 2 cm below the crease in your breast following a pregnancy, you may require a mastopexy.  Mr. Tim Brown will need to see you and assess you, as everyone's breasts are unique, and expectations are different.

The scarring produced by a mastopexy is more than that produced by a simple breast augmentation procedure, as the nipple has to be elevated.  In addition the recovery is longer by several weeks.

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