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Screening of Breast Implants (Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement) for rupture

Detecting a ruptured shell of a cohesive gel breast implant is a difficult problem, and the question of whether screening is necessary is a difficult one.

MRI scans currently provide the best accuracy when looking for rupture.  Ultrasound tests are not useful unless combined with an MRI, and would not be an investigation of choice.

However, if your breasts are asymptomatic (i.e, not changed significantly since your month surgical review(, the chances of an MRI scan picking up a 'rupture' when there isn't one (a false positive) are significantly less than if you have noticed a chance in the shape of your breast.

Current studies indicate that it is rare for an implant to rupture before 10 years, suggesting that an MRI scan before that time in unlikely to be useful, as well as costly (currently around $300 out of pocket not covered by health funds.)

Cohesive gel breast implants (cogel) are more like a jelly bean than a syrup when ruptured.  The gel, rarely, if ever spreads outside the capsule that has formed around the implant during the first  three months following surgery.  It requires considerable force to disrupt that capsule, a ruptured cohesive gel implant posses little risk to your health, and is not absorbed to any significant degree by the body.

Based on these facts, Mr. Tim Brown recommends the following;

  • Visit Mr. Tim Brown should your breasts change shape significantly following your surgery,
  • Consideration of an MRI scan if your implants have been present for more than 10 years.

Mr. Tim Brown is happy to see you at any time following your breast implant (breast augmentation, breast enhancement) surgery should you have any concerns or if you would prefer, will review you on an annual basis.

Are you interested in having a Breast Augmentation consultation with Mr. Tim Brown?  Please click here to enquire or call us on (03) 8768-5000.

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