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Breast Augmentation Melbourne

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation surgery is an operation that is designed to improve the shape of the female breast by using a silicone gel filled implant to add shape to existing breast tissue.

There are generally two types of requests that we receive:

1. Ladies who are naturally flat chested, and wish to acquire some breast shape to match their proportions.

2. Ladies who have finished their family, and find that the result of pregnancy is that their breast has deflated   

    and seems to sag.  In this group of patients, there is sometimes a need to reduce stretched skin in the 

    breast in addition to increasing volume with an implant, a procedure known as mastopexy.


Increasingly we also see ladies who have lost significant amounts of weight, either through diet and exercise or lap band procedures.  These women nearly always require a mastopexy.

A less common issue that can be treated with Breast Augmentation procedure is a constricted or tuberous breast.  This is a problem with the development of the breast at puberty which produces a characteristic long and droopy breast with a large areola in patients who have not list weight or had children.

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