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The first step towards Breast Augmentation (Breast Enhancement, Breast Implants) surgery

Usually an appointment is made to see Mr. Tim Brown at one of his three clinic locations; Berwick, Mornington or Drouin.

We ask you to fill out a practice registration form prior to the consultation.  Mr. Tim Brown encourages you to bring your partner, mother or other family member or friend- two heads ofter hear and remember more than one, particularly if you are nervous.

During your consultation Mr. Tim Brown will need to know your full medical history.  What is discussed during this time is outlined in our section 'Your Consultation'.

You are next introduced to one of Mr. Tim Brown's nurse trained patient educators.  They will be able to write out a detailed quotation of the costs involved in the procedure.  They will also provide you with some written information which covers some of the general points in the consultation, and can be useful in helping you ask further questions.

The nurse educators will also start the process of breast implant sizing based on Mr. Tim Brown's recommendations and your expectations.  We have collected information from over 600 patients regarding their satisfaction with our breast sizing system, and will happily share this with you to help make the choice.  Quite ofter, patients return several times to be certain that they have chosen the correct implant for them.

Are you interested in having a Breast Augmentation consultation with Mr. Tim Brown?  Please click here to enquire or call us on (03) 8768-5000. 

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