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What size implant is right for you

Breast cup sizes (A, B, C, D ect.) are not standard between bra manufacturers, and speaking about a breast size in terms of these letters is misleading.  Quite ofter one company's C cup is another ones D or E.

When choosing an implants size, the aim is to bring the body into proportion to give a pleasing overall figure.  The ratio of the shoulders, to the hips, to the waist and thighs are all taken into account, in addition to the width of the chest wall.  During your consultation, Mr.Tim Brown will measure the width of your breast so that he can begin to choose an implant which would be anatomically appropriate for your physique.  In his last research paper, the average width of a breast was 12.3cm, but obviously this varies depending on stature.

Implants come in different shapes for any given vole, known as the profile.  A lower profile implant will be flat and wide compared with a high profile implant.  Generally speaking, a higher profile will provide more lift in a breast, and produce a fuller cleavage.

In addition, Mr. Tim Brown measures the thickness of tissue at the edge of your breast bone (sternum) to decide how much soft tissue is available to cover the implant and camouflage the edge where it sits on the chest wall.  If you are very slender and use a higher profile implant, it will tend to produce a very obvious 'fake' look.  Similarly if you have thick soft tissue and desire a generous cleavage, a high profile implant is required to produce this effect.  In most cases, you will need to take advise from Mr. Brown as to what he feels will work for you.

Once the width of your breast and profile has been decided, there a limited number of implants that will be anatomically appropriate for your body shape.  The choice of the implant is then a matter of personal taste, which is undertaken by placing the sized implants in a bra.  We ask you to assess your complete figure rather than breast size when doing this exercise.  It is often helpful to try on several occasions.

You will be able to appreciate that a given volume implant can produce many different breast sizes and shapes in different people depending on their body composition.  It is a mistake to try and compare your implant size with something that a friend may have had during her surgery, or to try and equate a volume with a bra size.

Over the last 8 years, Mr. Brown has collected data concerning women's expectations of their breast size following breast implant surgery.  We have a data base of over 500 patients, who have given feedback as to whether we have advised them appropriately.  80% believe that they have made the correct choice and would not change the size of their implants.  15% wished to be bigger.  5% wished to be smaller, but looking at these patients, they are all clinically underweight (BMI less than 19).  On the basis of these figures: If you have a normal BMI and listen to our advise, you will most likely be content with your choice of implant.  However, if you are unsure, pick the bigger implant as a significant number of patients at 3 months post surgery wish they had done so.  The chance of you picking an implant which you consider too large is unlikely unless you are underweight.

The choice of a breast implant size is a process that you will go through once.  Mr. Tim Brown and his team take hundreds of woman through the journey, and we would ask you to listen to the feedback that they have received from previous patients.

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