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Why do patients who have had Breast Augmentation Surgery stay overnight?


St John of God BerwickMr. Tim Brown only operates at St John of God Hospital in Berwick and   Beleura Hospital in Mornington.  Both of these hospitals are accredited, and have excellent operating and inpatient facilities.  Mr. Brown works with the same nursing team each week both in the operating room and on the ward, who have developed their own expertise with implant surgery over the last 8 years.

All Breast Augmentation patients stay overnight.  Mr. Brown believes that this is a matter of safety, as small proportion of patients can develop a bleed in the breast following an operation, which needs to be dealt with quickly.  During our last audit study, we found that risk to be 4%, and all of these bleeds occured within 6 hours of the surgical procedure. 





Beleura Private HospitalBy ensuring that implant procedures are undertaken first thing in the morning and keeping patient's overnight, we ensure that a breast bleed (haematoma) is very unlikely to go undetected.

Mr. Brown also wishes to review is breast augmentation patient the morning after surgery.  That way we can make sure that you go home pain free, not feeling sick and having had all of your questions answered prior to departure.



Are you interested in having a Breast Augmentation consultation with Mr. Tim Brown?  Please click here to enquire or call us on (03) 8768-5000. 

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